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As you run your business and continue to analyze expenses, attending physical trade shows can drain heavily on your budget. Registration fees, hotels, meals, airfare, taxis, etc can add up quickly. Are you really getting the return that you need based on the costs of attending? 95% of all travel agents never attend a major physical trade show, and this may be a key deciding factor.

Taking into account all of these expenses, and almost more importantly, youR time away from being in the office and booking travel, travAlliance media founded and produces the Virtual Travel Event platform.


We all engage in social media and have a social media strategy for our respective companies. How would you like to have a group of travel professionals who sell your product, engage with each other, and engage with your sales team, in an environment that houses your videos, collateral, and other information? Virtual events is the only social media platform that connect all of these elements in a LIVE platform.

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March 22-23
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June 21-22
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September 20-21
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Spa & Wellness Expo
December 6-7
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A full- turnkey, custom-branded event solution designed to compliment your marketing mix and accelerate your marketing or sales message. Host a road show or travel agent event to offer your sales pitch to the specific, targeted group of agents from all across the country that you want to engage with.

Engage your audience in a variety of virtual platforms that empower your content and deliver your brand's key messaging. Present your content in an environment through live interaction and rich media presentations.

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