Digital Events are a LIVE event, just like a physical trade show. Simply log into the event during the designated dates and time, and you will be able to interact and engage with thousands of agents and representatives from destinations, cruise lines, tour operatorsm and more! Activities include:


In order to get the most out of our live events, the following is required:

High Speed Broadband Internet
User must be on a high speed broadband internet connection, we also recommend you close out other applications (especially CPU and memory intensive applications) during the Vacation Agent Expo.
Adobe Flash
The Agent@Home Expo is a Adobe Flash based site, therefore users will need the latest Adobe Flash installed. Click here to install the latest Adobe Flash Player for free.
IE 7 & Above, Safari 3.0 & Above, or FireFox 3.0 & Above
The The Luxury Expo is optimized for Internet Explorer 7 & above. Click here to make sure you have Internet Explorer installed as your browser.

For Macintosh users we recommend using the default browser Safari. Click here to learn more.

IMPORTANT: AOL users please close out the AOL browser and open Internet Explorer through your Desktop or programs menu. The The Luxury Expo is NOT compatible with the AOL browser.
Make sure you have speakers or earphones plugged in to the computer. Each virtual event serves video content, so in order to listen to the audio of the video you will need speakers/earphones.

Make sure you turn your volume of your computer up and the MUTE checkbox is not checked. You can check this by double clicking on the speaker icon in the task bar or you can access the volume control through the Windows Start Menu -- Control Panel -- Sounds and Audio Devices. (Macintosh users please click on System Settings from your dock then Sound).
Pop-up Blocker
Please disable all pop-up blockers for our virtual events, as we serve multiple external links to supplier brochures and information.

Pop-up Blocker is turned on in Internet Explorer by default. To turn it off or to turn it on again if you've already turned it off, follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button, and then click Pop-up Blocker.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To turn off Pop-up Blocker, click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.
    • To turn on Pop-up Blocker, click Turn On Pop-up Blocker.

For Macintosh users please click on your Finder -- Safari -- Block Pop-up windows. Make sure it is unchecked.

Make sure you turn your Pop-Up Blocker back on after the show.
Corporate Firewall
Please note that Personal or Corporate Firewalls may prevent videos or content from showing up. Please disable your firewall before you login to the event. For corporate firewalls please contact your network administrator/IT department.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) may also prevent videos and content from showing up. Please disconnect your VPN before you login to the event.
Once logged into the digital event, the Virtual Expo Center will display on your screen. This is your home base to connect you with all of the different opportunities of the virtual event.

Exhibition Hall
The Exhibition Hall houses all of the exhibitor booths where you can interact with representatives, watch product videos, and download brochures.

Live Presentations
Attend live exclusive webinars and learn firsthand what's new.

Industry Insights
Hear exciting news or find out what's trending from industry executives and editors, and learn tips and tricks from your travel professional peers.

Networking Lounge
Interact with fellow agents and expert travel editors who produce Vacation Agent Magazine, Agent@Home Magazine,, and Travel Agent Academy. Find out the latest happenings in the travel industry here.

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