Why Virtual Events

Virtual lobby and booth

The 95% Solution

As you run your business and continue to analyze expenses, attending physical trade shows can drain heavily on your budget. Registration fees, hotels, meals, airfare, taxis, etc. can add up quickly. Are you really getting the return that you need based on the costs of attending? 95% of all travel agents never attend a major physical trade show, and this may be a key deciding factor.

Taking into account all of these expenses, and almost more importantly, your time away from being in the office and booking travel, TravelPulse founded Virtual Travel Events in 2008.

Benefits of a Virtual Expo

Social Interactivity
Social Interactivity

Provide your audience with the most engaging experience incorporating interactive social elements such as group chats, social networking, lounges, live and on-demand webinars, and much more.

Broader Reach
Broader Reach

A wide audience base can be reached, as travel agents enjoy the freedom to attend from home, office, or a coffee shop. Even for those unable to attend the live dates, they can view the content on demand.

Lead Generation - Analytics & Reporting
Lead Generation - Analytics & Reporting

Full database of booth visitors - including geographical data, annual sales data, products sold data, industry membership/consortia data and more

Collateral consumption data

Chat logs

Increased Productivity/Time Saving
Increased Productivity/Time Saving

Attending a physical trade show takes a considerable amount of time and money for you as well as busy travel agents who are focused on selling you. With this need eliminated, you save on costs and prospective audience members may be more likely to sign up as a result!

Increased Brand Awareness
Increased Brand Awareness

Promotion of the digital event takes place before, during and post event, meaning a vast potential audience of travel agents can be reached online, increasing the visibility of your brand.

How It Works

Virtual expos are LIVE events, just like a physical trade show. Simply log into the event during the designated dates and time, and you will be able to interact and engage with thousands of agents and representatives from destinations, cruise lines, tour operators and more! Activities include:

  • Live presentations
  • Interviews with top industry executives and travel professional peers
  • Live chat with exhibitors, TravelPulse and AGENTatHOME editors, and fellow travel agents
  • Watch the latest exhibitor videos and download informational brochures, flyers, and links
  • Qualify for awesome prizes, including hotel stays
virtual events
Virtual events' exhibition Hall and booths
Exhibition Hall and Booths

The Exhibition Hall houses all of the exhibitor booths where you can interact with representatives through text and video chat, watch product videos, and download brochures. Optional appointment setting for booth interactions available.

Live Presentations

Attend live or pre-recorded webinars and learn firsthand what’s new.

Virtual Events live presentations
Virtual Events Networking Lounge
Networking Lounge

Interact with fellow agents and expert travel editors who produce AGENTatHOME Magazine, TravelPulse.com, and Travel Agent Academy. Find out the latest happenings in the travel industry here.

Multilingual Events

Planning an international event? Translate rooms, chats, and upload videos and webinars in several languages.

Virtual Events multilangual events

Event Marketing

All virtual events receive pre-event and day-of event marketing. This includes email marketing, banner advertising on TravelPulse and in our Daily Newsletter. Additional marketing opportunities on TravelPulse Canada available.

  • Email marketing to our database of over 80K travel advisors.
  • At least one month of banner advertising on TravelPulse to promote the event.
  • Countdown clock on TravelPulse.
  • Day of email reminders to all those who have registered for the event.
  • Missed the event? We’ll send out email reminders and banner advertising reminding those about the 30-90 day on-demand period.
email marketing
On-Demand Events
  • All events will live on-demand for a period of up to 30-90 days.
  • All content from the event (resources, videos, archived webinars, etc.) will be viewable to anyone who could not attend the live event.
  • Attendees can log-in to the on-demand version at anytime to download resources and watch videos.
Los Cabos VIP Summit On-Demand Stats

On-Demand Attendance: 105
On-Demand Content Views: 1,943
On-Demand Video Views: 1,911
On-Demand Booth Entries: 852

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